Johnson County Dog Park Action Committee

Who We Are

Established in November 2002, JC DogPAC (Johnson County Dog Park Action Committee) is a community-based organization made up of dog owners and friends who are concerned with the health and well being of companion dogs in our community.


DogPAC’s mission is to work and advocate for the creation of fenced in, off-leash dog parks in Johnson County where people and their dogs can socialize and exercise in a clean, safe environment, without endangering or disturbing people, property, or wildlife. DogPAC believes that the creation of such parks will foster an increased sense of community by encouraging social interaction among citizens within the park, while reducing encounters with citizens who are apprehensive of off-leash dogs in other public parks.

Board of Directors

We have a Board of Directors with up to 9 members and have monthly meetings open to anyone interested in dog parks. We also keep in touch with each other and post announcements about the park through our email list.