Bedding and Substrate for Rabbit

For those who love keeping animals as their pets never get tired of giving them the best care that their home buddies require. There are also a variety of pets that are now being cared for as pets, including the docile and adorable rabbits. And there are so many reasons why one would rather have one or more as pets than otherwise. If you are one of those who have found these very interactive furry creatures perfect enough to be your pet, you will need to make sure that you provide everything that your tiny housepet needs, including the best substrate and bedding for rabbits.

If you are still undecided whether to have a rabbit or not, perhaps these interesting traits that these lovable creatures possess might convince you somehow.Bedding and Substrate for Rabbit

  1. Rabbits are very peace-loving animals. Unlike dogs, parrots, and other pets that make a lot of noise, rabbits are quite restrained and do not make a lot of sound. That means you can have your peace any time of the day even if your rabbit is around.
  2. These small furballs are quite sociable. Even though these animals are quite peaceful most f the time, they are noted to be territorial. They form a highly structured social system.
  3. They are very docile. Rabbits are very yielding and are quite intelligent animals, hence they can easily be trained.
  4. Rabbits are generally clean animals. Although rabbits do poop quite frequently, they know how to do their thing properly and likes themselves clean. If you provide them the right litter box and some paper-based bedding that quickly absorbs humidity and urine in the rabbit’s bedding, your pet rabbit will not smell that bad even while inside its cage.
  5. Rabbits have a long lifespan. These creatures when given the right care and treatment will leave from 8 to 12 years. In general, those who live indoors live longer than those who are left in the wild or live outdoor since they are sheltered from predators, extreme temperatures, as well as from any infection that other small animals carry or is present in the outside environment.

If you already have decided to have one or more of these lovable creatures, one of the things that you need to provide for them is an appropriate cage and bedding.

Keeping A Pet Rabbit Safe And Healthy In Its Cage

Rabbits are very active creatures, hence they will need enough space where they can hop and roam around. There should be portions of the cage that they can use to dig, stand upright, hide, and be shielded from the sun or the rain as well. There should also be an appropriate toilet and sleeping area. The whole space needs to be covered with the right substrate as this will keep your rabbit warm and safe when inside its cage. It also will protect your pet’s delicate feet.

An important part of your pet’s cage is the bedding. This will be used to cover solid-bottomed cages as well as the slide-out trays of wire-bottomed cages.

There are different types of suitable bedding that can be used for this purpose, including products that are made from paper, cellulose, or aspen. To find the best bedding and substrate for rabbit, you will need to choose on that will keep your pet’s cage dry and comfortable environment.

Shredded paper is one cheap option for a rabbit bedding. However, it is not as absorbent than paper pulp bedding, shredded cardboard. Pellets, on the other hand, like wood and paper pellets provide excellent absorption quality but they are more expensive.

Straw and hay are also other options as they can provide a good surface for your pet to sit or stand on.

As there are foods that may not be good for your pet, there are also some materials that are not good to be used as the bedding for your rabbit cage. For instance cedar or pine bedding, since they have strong odors that can cause respiratory discomfort for your pet.

Find the best bedding and substrate for your rabbit to keep both you and your rabbit happy.

There are many commercially prepared bedding that you can consider to buy. It is best that you choose one that will provide the best comfort for your pet rabbit.

You also need to make sure that the bedding is changed regularly and the cage (and everything in it) kept clean all the time).