JC DogPAC News

22 June 2008 – Emma’s Run Reserved

Emma’s Run is reserved for a dog party on Sunday, 22 June 2008, from 2-4pm. Please do not plan to use Emma’s Run for that time unless you have been invited to the party. Thank you.

Interested in having an event in Emma’s Run?

28 April – 4 May – JC DogPAC Information at Hy-Vee Drugstore

As part of a week-long event at the Hy-Vee Drugstore at Rochester and 1st Avenue, JC DogPAC has information about the organization, registration forms for the Bone-anza event, and forms to get a off-leash park use permit. Stop by the table in the store to get forms. 1-4 May you can also see animals available for adoption from the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center.

22 April 2008 – Emma’s Run Closed; Lucky Pawz Open

All dogs are welcome once again to run in the Lucky Pawz Playground. Emma’s Run is closed for rest and rehabilitation for a while.

16 April 2008 – Landscaping by Master Gardeners

The entry area at the Thornberry Off-leash Dog Park needs help, and the local Master Gardeners have offered their expertise. Come help plant that area on Saturday, 31 May. Use the volunteer form and email it to the JC DogPAC board. Here’s the gardening plan so you can see what we’ll be planting.

18 March 2008 – Lucky Paws Playground is CLOSED

Due to wet conditions and soft grounds, the Lucky Pawz section of the Thornberry Off-Leash Dog Park is closed until further notice. The other two sections of the dog park (Emma’s Run and Linder Tire Small Dog Yard) are open for use by all dogs.

13 March 2008 – Exit gate from Lucky Pawz Playground

During the most difficult time of ice blocking the gates at TOP, some well-meaning park users locked the exit gate from the Lucky Pawz Playground with a combination lock. While that did serve to keep dogs from escaping through gates that would not stay closed, a combination lock is not appropriate on a public structure. The city will remove the chain and put up signs asking people to use the other gates.

DogPAC and the city have talked about putting a different closing latch on the gates. You’ll see those new latches later this spring.

13 March 2008 – Poop tank and stacks update

The city was able to pump out the poop tank in the Lucky Pawz Playground. The stacks into which you put the green poop bags are still clogged, so don’t try to use them yet. Thanks to city staff for their work at TOP.

10 March 2008 – Poop tank and stacks

The poop stacks to the in-ground poop tank in the Lucky Pawz Playground are clogged. City staff were at the park this morning trying to unclog the stacks. They were unable to do so. Ice is blocking the manhole lid that gives entry to the tank. Until the weather warms enough to melt the ice, the city has bagged the stacks so people will know not to use the stacks. They also put trash cans next to the stack. The city will empty those cans daily. Please do your part by putting dog poop in the cans for collection.

6 March 2008 – Newspaper article

Read the Press-Citizen article about a second off-leash area in Iowa City.